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Future College Parent - Justin Alger

Introducing the Future College Parent Podcast!

Introducing The Future College Parent Podcast! The podcast is dedicated to arming our #originalinfluencer parents with free information and resources to help the next generation of students prepare, choose, and finance college. I’ve released what I’m calling the ‘First 6 Episode Premiere,’ with links below, so listeners can binge on the episodes! Access to the show is very important to me so the show is streaming directly from the website and there’s no need to download anything, just point your browser to and enjoy. The show is also on your favorite podcast platforms as well (or will be shortly).

I’d really appreciate if you would give it a listen and if you think it’s good, share the podcast widely to parents, leaders of activities students are involved in, and your school administrators so they can share with your school district.  After listening to the first six episode premier, be on the lookout for new episodes beginning on Wednesday, May 4 and continuing Wednesday’s every two weeks after.  Thanks for your support! – Justin

Future College Parent Podcast ‘First 6 Episode Premiere’ Guests & Links
1. Dr. Jermaine Williams, President – Montgomery College
2. Ms. Michelle Freidman, Director of Career & Technical Education – CVES Clinton Essex Warren Washington BOCES
3. Mr. Pedro Martinez, Director of Admissions and Strategic Communications – California Polytechnic University, Humboldt
4. Ms. Suzanne Gluck, Guidance Counselor – East Williston Union Free School District
5. Ms. Deb Sutliff, Bursar & Ms. Sue Tripp, Director of Financial Aid – Herkimer College
6. Dr. Mike MacDonald, Superintendent – Walton Central School District

Future College Parent - Deb & Sue

Grants, loans, and scholarships…OH MY! – Deb Sutliff & Sue Tripp

In today’s episode, I had the honor to interview Ms. Susan Tripp, Director of Financial Aid emeritus from Herkimer College. Also appearing on the episode is Ms. Deb Sutliff, Bursar Emeritus at Herkimer college as well. I had the absolute pleasure and honor to work directly with Deb and Sue at Herkimer College and saw firsthand the care and concern they provided to individual students, and it was just unparalleled. Their baseline was beyond the best that I’ve seen in my career and was simply a part of the fabric of who they are.

I want to mention to you that this episode will not cover all that is paying for college, I intend to have future episodes dedicated to this critical and complex topic.

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Future College Parent - Justin Alger

Future College Parent Podcast Trailer

The Future College Parent Podcast is here to help #originalinfluencer parents’ guide their students to prepare, choose, and finance college!