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Grad Skool Already?

The guest of episode eleven is Mr. Andy Crawford, Acting Associate Director, Undergraduate & Graduate Admission Operations at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts.  In this episode we discuss graduate school preparation, choice, and finance!  Our focus is on the Master of Business Administration degree, but the discussion is relevant to admission to a variety of graduate programs.  Andy really enjoys the work he does helping students gain admission and graduate from the programs at Bentley!  I mention in the episode that the idea of attending graduate school is aspirational for future college parents in that this episode assumes that students have made it through a traditional undergraduate program and have graduated!  The points I want to make are twofold.  One, I want to inspire you to not only believe your student can attend a traditional college if they want to but can also earn a master’s degree as well, it’s not out of the realm of possibility, I promise you.  Second, I hope you see the good work that you’re doing to help your student now will be applicable in helping them navigate admission to graduate school as well.  I hope you enjoy my interview with Andy!


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