About the Show and Host

About the Show

Justin AlgerParents and guardians of high school aged students often find themselves at a crossroad when it comes to talking to their student about college. Some parents may believe their student isn’t able to attend college for academic or financial reasons. While others find themselves leading the confusing college search and finance processes. Once they begin the search, they may realize their student hasn’t appropriately prepared to meet the admissions standards or be able to afford their “dream school.” This inexperience is mainly a function of not understanding how early college preparation should begin and what is necessary for their student to be college ready.

Join Dr. Justin Alger on his bi-weekly interview show Future College Parent Podcast. In each episode Justin will sit down with a guest to discuss the different aspects of college preparation, choice, and financing that every parent or guardian of a college bound young person needs to know. Justin will interview higher education professionals like college presidents, deans, and admissions and financial aid counselors; secondary education specialists like superintendents, principals, and counselors; and influential authors, professionals, and speakers. This podcast will be a resource for all parents and guardians, particularly in low-income and underserved communities helping their students in grades 6-12 in some cases to become the 1st generation of young people in their families to go to college.

Mission: The Future College Parent Podcast provides parents and guardians insight on all thing’s college preparation, choice, and finance.

Vision: The Future College Parent Podcast will inspire parents and guardians to believe they can help their student gain admission to college.


Dr. Justin Alger is the host and creator of the Future College Parent Podcast. Identifying as a first-generation college student from a strong rural community, Justin understands what it’s like to navigate college with little parental assistance. His only goal attending college was to not fail out! He’s certainly achieved this goal by earning a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration.

For the past 20 years he’s served as a higher education administrator and youth development professional. Throughout his career, he’s pledged to achieve his mission of facilitating academic and personal success for students in safe and secure environments. As a parent himself, his new goal is utilizing his knowledge, experiences, and network to help parents make sense of the roller coaster that is preparing, choosing, and paying for college.