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The Next Great Step – Beth Hendler-Grunt

The guest of episode twelve is Ms. Beth Hendler-Grunt, President of Next Great Step where her sole focus is to help college graduates land the job they deserve. In this episode we discuss the concepts she teaches in her upcoming (at the time of this recording) book, The Next Great Step. The parents’ guide to launching your new grad into a career. It’s so invigorating to see a caring professional tackle a problem that isn’t always completely addressed in our education systems, helping your student get a job after college. I mention in the episode that the idea of your student getting a job after college is very aspirational for future college parents, in that the episode assumes that students have made it through a traditional undergraduate program and have graduated! The points I want to make are twofold. One, I want to inspire you to not only believe your student can attend a traditional college if they want to but can become gainfully employed after receiving a degree. Second, I want you to see the type of work it will take in the future for your student to get the job they deserve and get a jump on it now. I hope you enjoy my interview with Beth!


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